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Commercial Client Contract
Terms & Conditions of Service 

Killermont Cleaning Ltd

Meadowbank House


G64 4EQ


Client contract agreement with Killermont Cleaning Ltd


  1. The Parties. This Client contract Agreement (“Agreement”) is made   between a business entity known as Killermont Cleaning Ltd with a  mailing address of Meadowbank House, Torrance, Glasgow G64 4EQ (“Contractor”) and 1 individual know as (Typed name above) with a mailing address of (Typed address above ) (“Client ”) both of whom agree as follows:


   2. Services Provided.  Contractor agrees to provide Client with a cleaner and agreed products for contract clean on a weekly or                       fortnightly basis at the hourly rate & frequency  as noted on the Client Quotation.  Works will be carried out at the clients address as           noted above. Contractor will, where possible provide the same cleaner on each visit at a time and day agreed by the client. 

   3.Contractor may change cleaning days or times on a permanent basis.  Any permanent changes will be communicated to the client 2        weeks prior to changes being implemented.   Contractor will not make such changes unless there is no other method of providing the        weekly or fortnightly agreed service. 


   4. Periods of cleaner absence.  Contractor will, wherever practicable, supply cover during any periods of cleaner absence to match                 agreed day of clean.  Where not possible to match agreed day, client will be offered an alternative day within the same week.                       Cleaning times may vary.


   5.Responsibilies.  Client is responsible for providing a safe working environment for cleaners supplied by the contractor.  Client is                  responsible for providing a safe working vacuum cleaner to be used within the clients premises.  

      The client must not request cleaners to carry out works out with the agreed cleaning schedule, as detailed within the Client Welcome         Pack.  Examples of such tasks include changing light bulbs, working above 2 meters in height, cooking, taking care of children or                 shopping. This list is not exhaustive.

  6.Communication.  Clients wishing to change cleaning days, times or cleaning requirements must inform the contractor via any                      method  as detailed within the client Welcome Pack.  Clients must not agree changes with the cleaner without prior communication            with the contractor. Changes may include holidays, change of day or time.   

      Client must not request telephone numbers or social media links with any cleaner provided by contractor. 

  7.Payment & Invoicing.   The contractor with provide an invoice at the beginning of each month for all works carried out within the                  previous calendar month.

      Client must settle invoices by the seventh of each month via bank transfer.  Cheques are not accepted by the contractor.  Clients                must not pay cash to staff supplied by the contractor. 


   8.Suspension of services.  Contractor may suspend services, without prior notice, should any invoice remain outstanding beyond the          seventh day of each month.   Any suspension of services due to outstanding invoices may result in the client being allocated an                  alternate cleaner, day or  time when services are resumed. 

       Clients may suspend cleaning services for up to 3 weeks for periods of holidays.  Clients wishing to suspend services beyond 3                  weeks will no longer be included on weekly staffing rotas.   Contractor may not be able to provide the same cleaner, day or time of              services as previously agreed when services resume.

  9.Insurance.  Contractor will maintain public liability insurance to cover only the activities agreed between the client and contractor.               Clients wishing to make a claim should communicate their claim in writing to the contractor within 24 hours of services provided by           the contractor.


  10. Access denied.  Clients will be invoiced for any agreed clean where the cleaner is unable to gain access to the property or unable to      carry out agreed works.   


  11.Private Agreement.  Clients wishing to enter into any form of private cleaning agreement with any cleaner provided by the                           contractor  may do so in line with the fees detailed below:

       Service period provided by Contractor:                                        Fee

       0-6 Months                                                                                      750.00

       6-12   Months                                                                                  500.00

      12-24 Months                                                                                   400.00


     Above noted fees also apply for 6 months after termination of client contract with the Contractor.  Fees should be paid prior to cleaner       commencing private agreement. 


  12.Cancellation of services.   Both parties must provide 4 weeks written notice should either party wish to cancel agreed services.                 Client will be responsible for payment of agreed hours for 4 weeks service should notice to Contractor not be adequately provided.

  13.Late cancellation. Any client wishing to cancel a weekly or fortnightly clean, must do so within 24 hours notice of the clean to the              Contractor.  Client will be invoiced for any cancellations where 24 hours notice has not been provided.  Cancellation fees due to                  positive Covid cases will be decided on an individual basis. 


  14.Control of Health Hazardous conditions Declaration. (COHHC)

        Client and Contractor must agree to the COHHC declaration provided by the Contractor prior to services  commencing. 



By entering my full name (First and Last) into the field below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree the above terms.

I agree that I have the authority to agree this contract for the business name noted above and that my typed signature and return of this document via the link below to the Contractor is legally binding. 


Contractor Signature_  Miss Lynsey Church

Lynsey Church for Killermont Cleaning Ltd (Contractor)

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