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Materials ?


To ensure we follow the correct COSHH procedures, Killermont Cleaning will use all our own cleaning products.  No bleach or abrasive materials will be used in our clients homes.


All of our staff are fully trained on preventing cross contamination.  Killermont Cleaning operate an effective cloth rotation system to ensure we prevent contamination between rooms and clients homes.


Insurance ?


All of our staff & clients are fully insured with one of the largest insurance companies in Europe, giving you security and peace of mind.  In the unlikely event that Killermont Cleaning cause damage to your property, our insurance is covered up to £1,000,000. 



Free Home Consultation ?



We will happily visit your home and discuss any services you require.

We will send you a tailor made schedule completely free of charge detailing the the points covered at your home consultation.



Cleaning Consultants?        


When we advertise for someone to be part of our team, we receive hundreds of applicants.

Approximately 50% of these will make it through to our telephone interview stage.

Only another 15% will actually be invited for a one to one interview.

Those applicants that are invited for interview will go through a rigorous process.


All staff are expected to prove that they can exceed our clients expectations and deliver the high quality of service Killermont Cleaning is known for.

Any suitable candidate will be required to provide 2 references from previous employers, 2 forms of photo ID and address and proof of permission to work in the UK.


They will then be invited for a practical cleaning exercise where we can assess any training needs or areas of concern.

Only after these processes have been complete will one of our cleaning consultants be offered a 6 week probationary period. 


Within their 6 weeks they will complete our Steps to Success Program, consisting of all COSHH procedures, client service, cleaning techniques and time management.

If our candidate successfully completes the Steps to Success Program they will be offered a formal position with Killermont Cleaning.

Ongoing training and development is then given at regular intervals to ensure our clients always receive excellent standards.





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