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We use Zoono...

Proven effective against Coronavirus. 

The cleanliness of any area is always important.  Reducing microbes ensures that we keep illnesses under control.  Every year there are outbreaks of Flu, Norovirus, Chicken Pox and many more debilitating viruses. 

Traditional sanitisation products will only kill microbes during application.  Surfaces will become contaminated again within 2 hours.  

Zoono is safe and effective against microbes. 

Non corrosive

Less toxic than coffee

Environmentally Safe

Gentle on skin

Safe for children and pets

Accredited by labs around the World


Sanitisation Fogging with Zoono is one of the most effective ways to ensure your business or home is protected from microbes.  Fogging is the perfect way to sanitise large surface areas.

Our system is quick & safe, allowing you to enter the premises within 2 hours of the works being completed. 

Many businesses are choosing this method of sanitisation, from large airlines to smaller offices, schools and sporting facilities. 







Sanitisation Spraying with Zoono is an excellent choice for smaller areas that require a protective disinfectant on key surface areas.

This service allows us to protect areas such as light switches, door handles, lift buttons, kitchen work tops and bathroom taps.  

Without the full protection of fogging, the risk of virus spread is higher, however this service is an excellent choice for areas with a smaller number of people.  

Treatment perfect for...

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Children in School Bus


Soccer Game
plane wings


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