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Approximately one third of your life is spent in bed, more time than anywhere else in the home, but incredibly, it is the place you clean the least, if at all!


The product we use is the only product of its kind and has been awarded the coveted seal of approval from the British allergy foundation.









We use UV-C Technology to clean your mattress.


Jules Payne of Allergy UK comments:


 "Allergy UK is absolutely delighted to award our Seal of Approval to this product.  

Having scientifically proven that it significantly reduces bacteria and dust mites from beds. It is currently the first and only product of its type to be endorsed with our Seal of Approval."


Click below to watch the UV-C Technology in action.



















How Does it Work?



The Mattress Health sanitising system has 4 components:


•  The machine generates high frequency waves that loosen and pulverise the excrement and dust mites.


•  UV-C rays are passed over the mattress, these kill off bacteria, viruses, and spores, effectively sterilising the mattress   without the need for chemicals.


•  Dust Mites and excrement are then removed by a powerful vacuum system incorporating a HEPA filter to prevent any particles escaping.


•  Finally a chemical free disinfecting spray that is harmless to pets and humans is lightly sprayed on to the surface of    the mattress. This acts as a repellent and a retardant to Dust Mite reproduction.










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