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Contract of Service


Please read over the contract below. Sign at the bottom with you're e-signature and email back to


I. The Parties. This Subcontractor Agreement (“Agreement”) made on (DATE)
between a business entity known as Killermont Cleaning with a mailing
address of Baldarroch House, 2 Antermony Road, Milton of Campsie,
Glasgow G66 8DB (“Contractor”) and 1 individual know as (NAME) with a
mailing address of (ADDRESS) (“Subcontractor”) both of whom agree as
The Subcontractor acknowledges that any work performed under this
agreement must be in accordance with the latest version agreement(s)
(“Prime Contract”) made between the Contractor that was hired by the
client (“Client”)
II. Services Provided. Contractor agrees to furnish all products required to
complete the following: The sub-contractor will be required to perform
cleaning services for domestic and/or commercial clients. The Sub-
contractor will be required to work in accordance with the Contractors
Company Handbook and all other training documents including Government
regulations. Hereinafter known as the “Services”.
III. Responsibilities. Costs and responsibility related to the Services shall be as
Materials, all products shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.

Equipment, including, but not limited to vacuums, mops and buckets or
other equipment required to carry out Services shall be the responsibility of
the Client.
Travel, costs related to travel to locations shall be the responsibility of the
Sub-contractor unless by prior agreement with the contractor.
Sub-contractors shall not be liable for any other costs in connection to the
Services (“Responsibilities”)
IV. Attachments. The Contractor may attach any schedules, or other
information to assist the Sub-contractor in the aforementioned Services.
Any attachment made, shall be made part of this entire Agreement.
V. Location. The location for the Services to be completed by the
Subcontractor shall be determined at a later time by the Contractor
VI. Commencement Date. The Subcontractor shall be permitted to begin the
Services on completion of Level 1 Training from Killermont Cleaning.
VII. Completion. The Subcontractor will be required, unless otherwise stated
under the terms of the Agreement to complete the Services in accordance
with the Killermont Cleaning training documents.
VIII. Payment. Subcontractors shall be paid for their Services in the
amount of £11.00 per worked hour. Payments shall be made on the 10 th day of each
month for all works completed within the previous calendar month.
IX. Hours: Payment will be made from the Contractor to the Subcontractor for
hours agreed with the client. Any additional time used by the Subcontractor,
without prior agreement with the Contractor, will be at the expense of the
Subcontractor. Hours paid does not extend to time spent travelling to and
from the Clients property unless by prior agreement with the Contractor.
Any hours claimed by the Subcontractor which have not been worked may
result in termination of the agreement and/ or criminal action being taken.
X. Unsatisfactory Services. Payments shall not be made for unsatisfactory
Services completed by the Subcontractor where the Client has a reasonable
reason to withhold payment.
XI. Payment Method. Payments shall be made on a monthly basis by bank

XII. No Right to Subcontracting. Subcontractor may not subcontract, either
part or in whole, the Services authorized under this Agreement.
XIII. Insurance. The Contractor shall not require the Subcontractor to
have any type of insurance before commencing Services. The Subcontractor
will be required to pay the excess amount on the Contractors insurance
claim, should the Subcontractor be responsible for damage to Clients
XIV. Termination. Contractor or Subcontractor may, at any time and for
any reason, terminate this Agreement for convenience with at least 5
business days notice. In the event of termination, the Subcontractor is
required to return all properties belonging to Killermont Cleaning including
Client keys. Final payment of Services will be withheld by the Contractor
until all properties have been recovered.
XV. Change Orders. Any alteration or deviation from the Services mentioned or
any other contractual specification that result in a revision of this
Agreement shall be executed and attached to this Agreement as a change
order (“Change Order”).
XVI. Entire Agreement. This Agreement, including training
documentation provided by the Contractor represents the entire agreement
between the Contractor and the Subcontractor. This Agreement supersedes
any prior written or oral representation.
XVII. Time. Subcontractor shall provide the Contractor with completed
Services information in a form acceptable to the Contractor on the last day
of each month worked. Failure to do so may result in delays to payments.
XVIII. Inspection of Services. Subcontractor shall make the Services
provided accessible at all times for inspection by the Contractor or
management of the Contractor. Subcontractor assumes full responsibility
for Services completed until final acceptance by the Contractor or Client.
XIX. Confidentiality. Subcontractors are not permitted to discuss,
disclose or supply another party with any information they receive about
any Client of the Contractor. Any disclosed confidential information may
result in criminal proceedings.
XX. Change to Services: Any change in times or dates of Services supplied to
Clients by the Subcontractor must be authorized by the Contractor prior to

XXI. Personal data: Subcontractors are not permitted to supply Clients of
the Contractor with personal data, such as personal telephone number,
email address or social media links.
XXII. Private Service Agreement: Subcontractors are not permitted to
supply services to Clients of the Contractor on a private basis. This
agreement includes supplying Services to previous Clients of the Contractor
within one year of either the Client, Contractor or the Subcontractor
terminating the contract agreement.
XXIII. Private Service Agreement Payment: Should the Subcontractor
provide private Services to a Client or previous client of the Contractor
within one year of the Contractors Service agreement termination, the
Subcontractor will be liable for payments to the Contractor of the following
a. Subcontractor placed with Client less than six months - £750.00
b. Subcontractor placed with Client between six months and one year -
c. Subcontractor placed with client between one year and five years -

Contractor Signature _______________________ Date_________________
PRINT NAME: Lynsey Church for Killermont Cleaning

Sub-Contractor Signature____________________Date__________________

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